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Independent Physical Education Application


All IPE deadline questions, inquiries and information can be answered by the school site as they set timelines and goals to support IPE students at their site.

School contact information can be found here: 

Middle Schools

High Schools

All IPE Applications will be submitted in paper form to school site coordinator.


*All Independent Physical Education paper applications will be turned into and processed at your student’s 20-21 school site. For students that are transitioning to a new level (ex: middle school to high school) the application will be submitted to the school where your student will be attending in the 2020-21 school year.

The application can be downloaded here and are also available for you at your 20-21 school site.

How do I apply?

  1. Download and fill out the application completely, providing the following to the school office and IPE coordinator.
    2. Weekly Practice Schedule –
    3. Competition Schedule –
    4. Printed & Highlighted Verification of Ranking or Level of Competition/Performance.  (From a sanctioned independent ranking organization for the specific sport/activity.)  
  2. Turn in all printed information listed above to the school site for review.

Site coordinators will work through the application and will notify you and your student of whether or not your student has been admitted into IPE for the school year. The site coordinator and site staff will be your points of contact to ensure proper documentation and site systems are followed.

  • IPE applications will be screened and approved prior to the start of Semester.
  • Approval notification will communicated through the school site.
  • Online PE course enrollment (upon site approval) will be sent to families from the IPE teacher explaining next steps.
  • Application denials will also be messaged to families through the school site. If needed, the school site IPE Administrator can provide follow-up assistance.